We've been working for the last year with MEDI CINEMA a fantastic charity, who are bringing the magic of Cinema into hospitals all over the country.

I had the benefit of using their service in 2014 (although I was ignorant to who was behind it at the time), when I was an unfortunate guest of Guys hospital for 3 weeks.

If you've ever had to spend any serious length of time in hospital then you will know what a strange and lonely place it can be. Visitors are lovely, but as a patient your yearn for the normal. Normal food, normal surroundings and doing normal things like a trip to the movies!

It was pure serendipity that a few weeks after coming back to work, and old Disney buddy of mine told me about MEDI CINEMA. I got a meeting with them, and and we agreed there and then to help them with a complete online rebrand.

As a charity they have broad and bold ambitions, and we're hoping with the new site and a simpler UX to make Donations even easier, their charitable donations will increase, and they continue their fantastic work.

Posted July 14th 2015
Jon Mason
Jon Mason is the Managing Director of Jollywise.