Over the past week we’ve been very lucky to have the lovely Jenna in the office with us on work experience. In and amongst all the other great work she’s helped out with, Jenna wrote a short piece for us about her time working here. Enjoy!


This week I joined Jollywise for work experience, doing different tasks almost every day and seeing what it’s like to work for a digital agency.

What I did

The first thing I was asked to do was come up with ideas for a new game, based on a children’s TV show character. I was involved in coming up with ideas that were suitable for children from the ages of three to five and presenting them to the rest of the team that were working on the game. I managed to take some inspiration from other online games, such as ‘Dress that Rhino’, that had similar themes, while also including subtle educational and social skills. I then put my ideas into a presentation that further explained the concept of the game.

I was also asked to look at digital concepts for an upcoming children’s animated film. I looked at game ideas, social media skins, stickers, etc. and I came up with quite a few ideas – one being a new game that I put into a brief. This took me around three days to complete as I went into detail on what I wanted the concept of the game to be, and what I wanted it to look like.

What I enjoyed

I have enjoyed so much while being at Jollywise, and it has really shown me what it’s like to be working. Being able to have this experience really made me think about what I want to do when I leave school, and whether or not I want to work for a digital agency like Jollywise. What I enjoyed most about working here was being able to think of my own game ideas, taking inspiration from different online games and apps.

What I’ve learnt being on work experience

Being able to go on work experience is an opportunity that I didn’t take lightly. I have learnt so much while being here, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. This experience has really shown me what it’s like to work for a digital agency, and what career path I might want to take. I have always been creative, so I loved that I was involved in coming up with game/app ideas