Introducing Chapter 3 of The Next Step: Take it to the Top – Take it to Paris!

After working closely with the BBC to create The Next Step: Take it to the Top!, a conversation-based narrative game inspired by the hit CBBC TV show, we’re excited to announce that the third chapter of the game is now live and available to play!

Take it to the Top! sees you join A-Troupe for their latest adventures, navigating the everyday dramas that inevitably arise between characters you know and love from the show. Our game gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward – both on the stage, and behind the scenes.

While previous chapters have taken the dance troupe from the studio to the beach, Chapter 3 invites you all the way to Paris for some of the biggest challenges yet. Battle it out for solos, help your fellow A-Troupers over every hurdle, and rally the team to compete at Internationals.

Complete with new faces, rival teams, and Parisian backdrops, we’re thrilled to deliver a new story to everyone that’s played and enjoyed the first two chapters, as well as the special ‘Stand Up to Bullying’ edition of the game.


Check out The Next Step: Take it to Parisavailable to play now at the CBBC website.

Posted May 23rd 2018
Steph Rathbone
Steph is Jollywise's Content Executive and resident bookworm.