We love to do stuff that makes us feel good. So last year we embarked on a personal project to achieve two things.


  1. Get a great game into the App Store.
  2. Support a charity or a cause close to our hearts. Symas the Monkey was born.


Symas is Cornish for monkey, and Cornwall is also the base of "Wild Futures" a UK based primate welfare and conservation charity who rescue, campaign, educate and provide sanctuary for primates in need.

Our story sees Symas and a bunch of his primate buddies visit the lush and bountiful Earth in their space ship over 2 million years ago. Overwhelmed with earth's beauty, they all decide to stay, except Symas who heads back to where he came from.

Fast forward to present day, and Symas returns to an Earth that is very, very different. All the monkeys he left behind are in serious trouble, and he needs to rescue them.

The game is a simple physics puzzler, and players have to figure out the best way to get Symas from one end of the Screen to other to rescue the monkeys. The game features 27 of the most endangered monkey's on the planet.

Every time a player rescues an entire species (father, Mother, and infant.) Players get to collect that species in their log book, and they also unlock fascinating and fun facts about each unlocked species.

The game is set to launch this year and we will be donating 25% of sales to "Wild Futures".

All these things we use to help you tell your story.

Posted February 3rd 2016
Jon Mason
Jon Mason is the Managing Director of Jollywise.