This week we’re pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new app for CBBC’s Horrible Histories, in partnership with the BBC and Scholastic.

In Gruesome Game-a-Thon, fans of the hit CBBC show can enjoy a fast-paced romp through the eras and pit their wits against the clock in a series of non-stop challenges. From Awful Egyptians to Vile Victorians and beyond, up to 30 mini-games will be randomly thrown at you offering something new every time. Eat like a king! Charge like a warrior! Shower like a… rat?! With outrageous outcomes whether you win or lose, even failing is funny.

With many massive fans of the Horrible Histories books and show in the office, we were ecstatic to get to work on such an exciting project for a much-loved brand.


A few words from Jollywise managing director and founder, Jon Mason:

In May 2009 Horrible Histories burst onto our screens in all its gruesome grizzly greatness.

As both a History graduate and a huge fan of Monty Python and Blackadder, I couldn’t get enough of it. Back then I was a young parent juggling work, zero sleep and childcare responsibilities, so the fact this was available to watch on CBBC meant both my daughter and I got to co-view something we were equally fascinated in, but for distinctly different reasons.

Whilst Grace at 4 loved the slapstick, the pies, the poo, the songs, and the music, I was lapping up the gags, the history, the pub quiz facts, and the historical debunking. Oh, and I liked the poo too.

As my family has grown and gotten older, our love for this show hasn’t diminished. Sure, the talent has changed around a bit, and some of our old favourites are no longer in it (their star has risen), but it’s still retained the spirit and the comedy the show encapsulated nearly a decade ago.

In a quirky twist of fate, last year a digital brief for a Horrible Histories game landed on my desk. I was beside myself with excitement; we just had to win this job. I set my talented team to work to produce the mother of all pitch presentations. Our creative sessions during that process were run like history lessons, but instead of homework, we’d go away and figure out the funniest way we could represent the historical facts in gameplay, sound effects, and animation. We won the pitch, and as they say, the rest is history (no pun intended).

The CBBC Horrible Histories app is available for download NOW in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, or to play online at the CBBC website.

Posted September 28th 2018
Steph Rathbone
Steph is Jollywise's Content Executive and resident bookworm.