It was no normal Tuesday for Jollywise Account Managers Alex & Chris. It was the 14th of November, it was Digital Day, and the chance to spread the word of the depth and breadth of opportunities available in digital to the next generation…

Jollywise have a long-standing commitment to development of young talent, with interns, work experience students, and graduates aplenty over the last decade. It’s no surprise then that we jumped at the opportunity to head into a local school, in the hope of inspiring the next generation to follow a career in digital!

Since 2012 BIMA have been at the forefront of informing and exciting students nationwide about the huge variety of career opportunities within digital (aside from, of course, being a ‘Famous YouTuber’). In its 5 years, Digital Day has seen over 20,000 students take part in an annual challenge day, and with the help of visiting digital professionals, get hands on experience tackling a variety of briefs.

This year’s Digital Day saw us heading on a short train ride to spend the day at Chalkhill Education Centre. Set within Haywards Heath Hospital, Chalkhill is one of the country’s leading centres for treating children and young people with serious mental health problems and eating disorders. With boys and girls ranging between 13-18, they provide an essential and incredible educational setting, allowing students to maintain their studies whilst undergoing treatment.

With the day being split into 2 main parts, we set about covering agency life at Jollywise: our favourite moments, some of the industry’s stand out work from the last year, different roles and opportunities, and of course ‘the agency perks.’ (Apologies to the teachers still being asked daily for free holidays and indoor scooters.)

The second part of the day saw us embarking on the challenges, namely ‘Fashion of the Future’ as chosen by the students. The brief?

When it comes to digital advancements, fashion and beauty have always been ahead of the game. Wearable technology is quickly advancing and examples of this technology include gloves that can create music, necklaces that vibrate when you get a text and accessories such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles.
We want you to create a piece of wearable technology that would solve a problem that you, your family or friends face in everyday life. Don’t be afraid to think big and be creative.

It didn’t take long to get lots of interesting ideas thrown out by the group, and we quickly refined our ideas into 2 groups:

1. Safety! The Smart Bracelet: A customisable piece of jewellery that allowed individual, customisable charms to be added. These included a Hologram GPS Head Unit, a Friends/Family Tracker + Emergency Services Alert & torch, plus customisable memory charms (video or audio) to allow the elderly, vulnerable, or even those who just didn’t want their phone out at night to be trackable, contactable, and safe. This is charged via body heat and solar, so no need to plug in!

2. Health! The Nappie Nurse: A micro-chip that once in contact with urine analyses the contents to address common medical problems/infections and deficiencies found in babies and the elderly. This information is then fed back to an app, and advises on contacting medical professionals, or simply observing and adjusting diet, etc. This can be inserted into, or come as part of a nappy range, available primarily for babies with the opportunity to expand out to adult incontinency pants for the elderly.

Fingers crossed for our entries which have been sent to BIMA for judging!

Although Digital Day is brilliant in expanding the opportunities for students around the UK, there is a bigger takeaway from our experience at Chalkhill. This centre is a truly astonishing place that offers an opportunity for routine in education to those who often feel furthest from it. The incredible work these teachers, carers, and staff carry out every day is inspirational, and the hope of opening a students’ eyes to a future in digital only scratches the surface of the chance to prosper that Chalkhill offers them.

In an industry worth an estimated £82 billion, and employing over 2.5 million in the UK alone, it’s no doubt the talent of tomorrow is equally as important as the digital innovators of today.

Looking forward to next year’s Digital Day!

Posted November 30th 2017
Chris Knott
Chris is one of Jollywise’s Account Managers. When he’s not at work he can be found playing rugby. When he’s at work he can be found making awful puns.