We're making things out of cardboard right now. Giant Lilly pads, toddler size cars out of old boxes, princess castles out of toilet rolls. We're sending messages across the office attached to party balloons with straws on strings. Staff are working out the best way to bake a delicious brownie using hardly any sugar and vegetables or trying to balance two hard-boiled eggs on top of each other to make an edible snowman. In fact our studio on certain days of the week looks like an explosion back stage on the set of Blue Peter.

So why is this? Well, Content platforms have matured and marketeers have realised the power of branded content. There is clear move away from building websites in favour of content for platforms. But there are so many platforms all vying for our micro attention span, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Giffy, Imgur, Vine, Youtube (I could go on). Add to that the ever present thought "I really should spend less time on the internet" and how does a brand get any real meaningful engagement with us?

Well, one answer is, give them tools and tips on how to spend their time more meaningfully. Offer them utilities that make their life easier, healthier, more fun and shock horror - get them offline.

We're slowly becoming experts in a growing trend. Non coded content.

Delivering via video, gif, or static shareables branded content that helps your audience get things done, or think about things differently can be a really great way of extending your brands story and keeping you top of mind. Up until now, this type of content has been home-grown, created and delivered by enthusiastic bakers, makers, bloggers and vloggers.

But brand owners are slowly taking this back and doing it well. Providing their customers with all the tips tricks and templates they need to make it or bake it right at home. Cadbury's offer consumers recipe's, Hellman’s offer tips on what to do with leftover turkey and innocent smoothies are challenging their consumers to submit photos of creations they've made with their bottles.

So guys in our office whose day job is designing, or account managing, are creating recipe ideas or games that kids can play in the garden with accompanying instructions and photos. The content is professionally produced, photographed and delivered; from what we hear from the clients we work with, doing very well.

And for all you neigh Sayers, my wife made a minion cake for my daughters birthday last year, she's not one for "Falling for the marketing" but there she was adding the finishing touches to her bright yellow royal icing!! Getting a busy mum to stay up creating a minion until after midnight is taking brand engagement to another level.

Here's one we made earlier

Posted July 6th 2015
Jon Mason
Jon Mason is the Managing Director of Jollywise.